Our mission.

A few years ago, with the introduction of the computer-delivered IELTS, we set out to help candidates who’d been struggling to get their desired IELTS score with online IELTS mock tests. We named our idea “takeIELTS.net” because “taking” the “IELTS” test on the “net” was basically what our early customers needed.

We set ourselves a mission to help all IELTS candidates succeed in the test on their first try while keeping our mock tests available and affordable to all around the globe. Now, we’re a community of 100 thousand people who are working their dream job, migrated to their new home or studying at their dream university.

You’ve told us for years what you need is more than IELTS and more than mock tests. Many of you need high-quality affordable courses that you can take to improve certain areas or skills.

Traditional preparation methods are too expensive, not available to everyone, and most of them don’t work like they should because they were built for the past. We shouldn’t have to accept this status quo.

Today, we don’t. We’ll fix it with Preptical. It makes preparation for language tests easy, affordable and borderless.

Our vision

We envision a world where every test-taker succeeds confidently.

Preparation for the language tests is challenging, expensive and risky. Preptical helps candidates gain the confidence and readiness that they need in order to succeed in their tests.

Preptical is for all the people who are preparing for the language tests around the world. It’s for those who want to access high-quality resources and mock tests at an affordable price.

Our Values.

We live and breathe our 4 core values. They’re the (not so) secret sauce for building a great product together. At Preptical, our values unite us in the way we work, every day, all over the world.

Customer first

We’re customers first and see humans behind the numbers.


We make bold decisions, dare to dream big and think like co-owners.


We endorse the highest standards of honesty and conduct.


We prioritize what matters and work with pragmatism.


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