I’m having issues paying for a Preptical subscription

We aim to make the process of subscribing to Preptical seamless so that you can begin studying and working on your prep with ease.

Sometimes, our customers may encounter an issue at the payment gateway and are unable to progress with the signup.  Payment may be disrupted for several reasons and if you have encountered an issue while trying to subscribe to Preptical, you can use this guide to help you troubleshoot and subscribe successfully.

I received an error when paying for my subscription. What can I do?

  1. Try clearing your browser cache and cookies and then attempt the transaction again.
  2. Attempt your purchase from a different device, such as a smartphone.
  3. Make sure your billing and payment details match:
  4. Try using an alternative payment source, such as a different credit card. Preptical accepts the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express (USD only) for subscription payments.
  5. Your bank may be declining the transaction attempts. You will need to contact them to inquire regarding any restrictions on your card that may be preventing your attempts to subscribe.
  6. If still unsuccessful, please contact our Customer Success team so we can investigate it.

A Payment has been processed on my end, however, it is not reflected on your Preptical account.

If you see that your payment has been completed and your purchase is still not shown on your Preptical account, please contact our Customer Success Team with the following information:

  • Payment provider you used
  • The Preptical account username related to the transaction
  • The last 4 digits of the credit card
  • The date of the payment
  • Any other receipt information relating to the transaction