Description requirements

Your lesson/course description explains what your lesson/course is about to potential students. In your lesson/course description, we recommend providing information about 1) the content of the lesson/course and 2) how students will benefit from that content.

What you need to know

  • Use the description to summarize what your lesson/course covers, how it is taught, what students will learn, and what they will gain from the lesson/course.
  • Don’t include images, external links, or links to other lessons/courses in the description.
  • Don’t include coupon codes, coupon links, referral links, or mentions of discounts.

Best practices for the tone of your description

1. Ask yourself these questions before writing (to make sure you really understand your potential student):

  • What are the demographics of your ideal student?
  • What needs are you solving for your ideal student?
  • Why does your ideal student want to enrol in your lesson/course?
  • Look at message boards, forums, reviews of other similar books or products.  What do students ask for in other places?  How will your lesson/course meet those needs?

2.  Get personal with your students:

  • Speak directly to the students; say “You” instead of “enrollees”, “students”, or “test-takers”.
  • Use easy-to-understand copy, and sentences of various lengths to keep students engaged.

3. Stay positive and emphasize benefits:

  • Focus on the benefits your lesson/course provides to students. What problems will it solve for them?  
  • Stay positive and approachable as you walk students through what makes your lesson/course unique and what the students will learn.
  • If possible, add in some real-world examples to validate your lesson/course topic.