Title requirements

  • Focus the lesson/course title on what students will learn and how they can apply the skill, instead of making big promises that can come across as scammy to students.
  • Make the title specific.
    • What level of the student is this for?
    • What level of skill is the lesson/course?
    • What type of lesson/course within a given field is it?
    • What will the student be able to do or understand after taking this lesson/course?
  • Use titles with 60 characters or less.

We Don’t Allow the Following in Your Title/Subtitle:

  • Don’t use direct references to score promises as being the purpose of your lesson/course. Students are here to learn skills that they can apply, so do focus the positioning of your lesson/course on the skill that students will learn.
  • Don’t overcapitalize or use unnecessary punctuation or special characters (invalid characters, hyphens in the wrong places, multiple exclamation points etc.).
  • Don’t use the word “Preptical” in the title