How does the review process work and how long does it take to be approved?

There’s nothing more we want than to see your account live and generate revenue. However, to ensure that customers have the best experience possible, we have a review process in place to maintain our quality expectations.

Once your tutor account is activated you can start uploading lessons and creating courses. Once your lesson is uploaded to Preptical, it is evaluated and assessed across our main quality areas, including:

Presentation Requirements
Information Requirements
Technical Requirements
Legal Requirements

Once assessed by the quality team, your lessons will be given approval, soft or hard rejection.

If approved, your lesson is published immediately.

If hard rejected, this means that the quality team has determined that the lesson is not suitable for sharing on Preptical. This can be for a number of reasons but generally, it means that the item is not at the quality level required or it has breached legal content guidelines. If your lesson has been hard rejected, you cannot resubmit the lesson.

If you receive a soft rejection, you will be given the opportunity to correct your lesson and re-submit based on the notes from the reviewer.